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  • Corrugated Plastic Sheet 24" x 36"

    Corrugated Plastic Sheet 24″ x 36″

    MSRP $79.95$249.95

    Corrugated Plastic Sheet 24″ x 36″

    Features & Benefits

    The Corrugated Plastic Sheet is a tough sheet that resembles a corrugated cardboard.

    • Printable signage for auction sales, rallies, real estate agents…
    • Reusable shipping and storage containers tough enough for many trips
    • Garden borders to ease trimming and cultivation tasks
    • Mildew resistant to help protect contents from degradation in damp areas
    • Eco-friendly
    • Long lasting
    • Available in 4 colors Black , White, Yellow and Blue


    MSRP $79.95$249.95