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  • Wooden Upright Roll File 20 Openings

    Wooden Upright Roll File 20 Openings


    Wooden Upright Roll File 20 Openings

    Features & Benefits

    • Assembly: It is designed to be assembled quickly while ensuring a solid and secure product.
    • Safe: To ensure your surfaces stay protected and scratch-free, we’ve included PVC nail legs.
    • Compact-Size: Allows it to comfortably sit on your desk or next to it while supplying organization.
    • Storage: Its amply sized 2.75” W x 3.46” L compartments can hold blueprints, maps, schematics, plans, and more.
    • Outfitted: A handle with a plastic liner will allow for a comfortable grip when transporting.
    • Stylish: For a seamless look, screw hole covers are supplied because it’s the little details that matter.
    • Durable: We’ve ensured the longevity of our roll file but reinforcing the edges with horizontal and vertical plastic edge channels.