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  • Wrist Blood Clinical Automatic Pressure Monitor

    Wrist Blood Clinical Automatic Pressure Monitor

    MSRP $44.97

    Wrist Blood Clinical Automatic Pressure Monitor

    Features & Benefits

    Featuring excellent design and functionality.

    • EASY TO USE. This fully automatic unit is assembled with a wrist cuff that features an auto inflation and deflation function. To start the measurement procedure, apply the cuff around your wrist and press the “start” button. This simple, one-touch operation begins the process, allowing the monitor to provide clinically accurate measurements of diastolic, systolic and mean pressure, pulse rate and irregular heartbeat detection.
    • LARGE LCD DISPLAY. All the measurement results will appear on the LCD screen, displayed in large numbers that are easy to read. An average for the latest 3 readings are displayed so you can keep track of your results. For added convenience, the unit also includes a low battery indicator and will automatically power off after 3 minutes of no operation.
    • VAST MEMORY STORAGE CAPACITY. It’s very important that people with physical conditions that require regular blood pressure check-ups be able to keep track of the measurement results history. AdirMed successfully addresses this matter with the implementation of an auto-record function and a memory storage with date and time stamp, allowing you to review the last 90 records with the touch of a button.
    • PORTABLE DESIGN. Perfectly sized to fit in a pocket, this digital BP monitor is light and compact so it can go wherever you go. Whether you’re at home, work, running errands or traveling, this device provides a dependable service in any location.
    • WHO FEATURE. One of the most outstanding features of this digital Tonometer is a WHO scale (blood pressure classification) that has been designed based on the set of clinically determined guidelines. It is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen to help you evaluate the measurement results and easily recognizes normal, mild, moderate and severe hypertension
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    MSRP $44.97