4.5″L x 6″W x 45″H

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  • Prism Pole Tripod

    MSRP $159.95

    Prism Pole Tripod

    Features & Benefits

    Features a top loaded thumb screw head making setting up and removing prism poles easy and efficient.

    • Equivalent to Northwest Instrument NTP12, CST Berger 67-4250, Seco 5218-02
    • Aluminum frame
    •  Top loaded thumb screw head
    • Fits 1 to 1.25-inch diameter poles from the side or 1.5-inch poles through the top
    • Legs extend up to 6 feet and collapses to 3.5 feet
    • Quick release clamp locks
    • Replaceable pointed feet with spurs
    • Grip and slide control
    • Impact resistant
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    MSRP $159.95