Measuring Tapes and Wheels

Measuring Tapes and Wheels

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Measuring Tape with Digital Display

Features & Benefits

The measuring tape is multipurpose and versatile.

  • 16′ blade
  • Durable hard plastic housing
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Unit converter (imperial/metric)
  • Hold function
  • 8 memory functions
  • Zero start or housing offset option
  • Automatic retracting system with break
  • Heavy duty belt clip and wrist strap included

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The AdirPro measuring tape is multipurpose and versatile. It has a standard length of 16’ (5m). The durable, hard plastic housing protects the internal, automatic, high speed, rewind system and brake system. It has a LCD display, and comes with a heavy-duty belt clip and a standard wrist strap.

  • The ¾” carbon steel blade is rust resistant and is thin enough to allow for some pliability. Its bright yellow color serves to contrast the black and red markings on the blade. The blade gives you standard measuring units of inches, 16ths, feet, centimeters, and millimeters. The blade has a steel hook at the end to allow for one man measuring operations.
  • The digital LCD is clear and easy to read. It gives measurements in feet/inches with 16ths, inches with 16ths, inches with 10ths (one decimal place), and centimeters with tenths (one decimal place). Additionally you can set it to use at zero start (measuring from where the tape exits the housing) or with a 3” offset to measure from the back of the housing. You can also switch the display to flip horizontally so it can be read from either side of the housing.
  • Additional functions include the hold and memory functions. Hold is used to keep the measurement taken on the display while retracting the blade. The memory function serves to retain this measurement even when the unit is powered off.
  • The included battery is a standard CR2032 3V lithium battery. It has an approximate lifetime of one year.

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