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Mini Cube Laser Level

Features & Benefits

Mini Cube is a must have for anyone who is looking for accurate alignment.

  • Two 180-degree beams (horizontal & vertical lines)
  • Up to 66 feet working range
  • Self-leveling within ±3°
  • ±3/16 inch at 30 feet accuracy
  • Blinking laser for notification
  • Automatically levels when switched on
  • Built-in locking compensator
  • 1/4 inch thread for tripod mount

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“The AdirPro Mini Cube is a must have for anyone who is looking for accurate alignment with a compact, easy-to-use design. The Mini Cube includes an extra-large single on/off switch and automatically levels. When activated, the powerful laser projects two bright, red lines: a horizontal line and a vertical line. Together, the lines form a 90 degree angle that operates with a maximum error of 2mm/10m with an effective range of 20m.

  • The laser is designed to begin projecting 1cm from the unit’s housing for easy alignment on level surfaces. When on an incline of less than 3 degrees, the laser is capable of automatic leveling. If the incline exceeds 3 degrees, however, the laser is programmed to blink for easy identification.
  • A built in, locking compensator provides secure protection of the interior laser unit during transportation.
  • Ribbed rubber coating provides extra grip to avoid slipping during use and also provides added protection against shock.
  • The bottom of the laser level includes a 1/4″ thread that allows for mounting on a tripod.
  • Product Specifications: Laser Projection – 1H 1V, Laser Diode – Class 2, 635 nm, <1 mWt

The AdirPro Mini Cube is an extra-compact solution for basic cross line leveling work. The laser projects at 1H 1V and has a laser diode that is class 2, 635 nm, <1 mWt. This makes for an accurate alignment tool that is powered by two type AA batteries and can operate continuously for up to 20 hours.

The exterior casing of the Mini Cube is made from hard plastic and is coated with ribbed rubber for added grip and protection from shock. To protect the interior laser system, the Mini Cube includes a locking compensator for added safety that automatically activates when the Mini Cube is turned off.

The AdirPro Mini Cube utilizes a self-leveling pendulum system to project its two lasers. It is accurate with a maximum error of 2mm/10m and can be used within an effective range of 20m. Further, the Mini Cube can operate on surfaces with inclines up to three degrees. If the Mini Cube is set on an incline of over 3 degrees, the laser will flash to notify the user.

Mounting Options
The AdirPro Mini Cube comes complete with a 1/4″” thread so that it can be easily connected to a tripod.

The AdirPro Mini Cube comes complete with a set of AA batteries and an operating manual. If you purchase a home edition, a universal mount is included in the package. If you purchase the professional edition, this package includes a telescoping tripod that can extend up to 3′. When you purchase the ultimate edition, both the mount and the tripod will be included in the package as well as a pair of laser glasses and a hard plastic case. ”

Type of Material Item is constructed:
Plastic, Rubber Casing

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