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rSports Gavier 3.0 Orange


Every step you make while wearing a backpack, its load crushes you with up to 8 times more than its actual weight. You can mitigate that by using the rSports Gavier, a 3 x 1.5 inch Shock absorber device for school bags & Backpacks. With its built-in springs it results in up to 37% Pressure reduction. The rSports Gavier uses patented technology that softens the pressure on your knees & waist when you’re walking.
It also eases shoulder pain & numbness otherwise caused by the backpack’s pressure in those areas.
It’s simple to use. Just attach the Gavier to the straps on both sides of your backpack with the provided Allen Wrench, turn the switch ON to use the cushioning function. You’ll experience the difference immediately as you begin to walk!