Prisms and Prism Poles

Prisms and Prism Poles

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Sharp Prism Point with Replace Tip

Features & Benefits

Their goal of providing quality surveying products.

  • Lightweight sharp prism point- replaceable tip
  • Anodized aluminum build
  • Weather resistant
  • Weighs 2.5 oz (0.07 kg)

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AdirPro’s snap on grade rod level lives up to their goal of providing quality surveying products for affordable prices.

Technical: The level fits with both round and rectangular grade rods. It can accommodate any grade with a diameter of 1″-1.25″. The sensitivity is at a standard 40 minute.

Construction: Made of durable aluminum, this grade rod level is durable and can withstand the standard wear and tear of a typical job site. It also has a protective covering to help prevent scratches. The top mounted vial adjustable for easy viewing and convenience.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 3.5 cm


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