We specialize in delivering quality products at an attractive price.

AdirCorp is the parent company of all five of these sectors. All of our products are available from a variety of suppliers and retailers, making them convenient to get too. We have the expertise and technology necessary to produce products that are the best in their industry. We have the team necessary to deliver service you deserve and quality you can trust. Look for our products and rest easy you are getting the best.

AdirCorp maintains a strong practice of ongoing development of products and commercial research.




AdirPro is known for its quality products in the construction industry, all manufactured to the highest standards. We strive to help you complete your project in the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective manner. We deliver everything with accuracy you can count on so your team can count on you.

Premier Office supplies

AdirOffice has a commitment to deliver quality and stylish office furniture and equipment. We understand starting and maintaining a business is expensive enough. We can help you affordably make it a beautiful one. Plus, our expert team makes sure everything you need works as efficiently as possible.


AdirHome delivers unique, beautiful finishes on quality home products you'll enjoy for years to come. Whether you prefer a rustic wall hanging for your living room or shelving with a vintage flair for your bathroom, there's the perfect exclusive piece for you at AdirHome.

Quality medical supplies, equipment, & furniture

AdirMed manufactures quality medical supplies, equipment, and furniture. We supply hospitals, outpatient facilities, and clinics of all sizes. No matter what field you are in, our specialists can help you get set up with the equipment you need and ensure it will perform well and last.

Making your life easier one appliance at a time

AdirChef manufactures small kitchen appliances including coffee makers as well as fruit and wine presses. Our quality products can be found on a variety of online retailers. Our products are convenient and easy-to-use, giving you another reason to love that morning cup of coffee.

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