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  • Brass Flat Survey Markers

    MSRP $16.95$19.95

    Brass Flat Survey Markers

    Features & Benefits

        • Can be hand stamped in the field
        • 2″ stem and 0.4″ shank area
        • Non-Glare finish-Cast from solid brass
        • Install in freshly poured concrete or can be inserted into hole drilled with a hammer drill and held in by epoxy
        • Ribbed shank prevents turning or loosening
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    MSRP $16.95$19.95
  • Brass Plumb Bob

    MSRP $21.50$34.50

    Brass Plumb Bob

    Features & Benefits

    Brass Plumb Bob is the durable option when looking for plumb bobs.

    • Hardened steel point
    • Screw cap with extra point storage
    • Standard threads for point and cap
    • Choice of size
    • Lacquered finish
    • Precision machined
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    MSRP $21.50$34.50