Copper Coated Steel

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  • L-Bar Mini Copper-Coated Prism

    MSRP $99.00

    L-Bar Mini Copper-Coated Prism

    Features & Benefits

    The L-Bar Copper-Coated Mini Prism consists of a 1-inch (25.4mm) monitoring prism.

    • 1-inch copper coated mini prism
    • Anodized aluminum housing and L-Bar
    • Up to 2,000′ (0.61km) working range
    • Accuracy of 5 arc seconds
    • -8.92mm offset position
    • Mounting Hole 1/2″ in Diameter
    • Tilting Screw uses a 1/3 inch Hex Wrench (sold separately)
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    MSRP $99.00