Trash Cans

40 Gallon Outdoor Trash Container with Slatted Recycled Plastic Panels

Features & Benefits

Design: The recycled plastic cedar/grey exterior adds warmth and a natural aesthetic.

Hassle-Free: The recycled plastic material doesn’t require any painting or staining.

Durable: The recycled material won’t crack or splinter, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Low Maintenance: Our substantially sized 40-gallon, leak-proof liner will require less emptying.

Free Flowing: Its slotted bottom will allow rain and snow to pass through and not build up.

Outfitted: Each trash container has adjustable legs to ensure stability and support.

Efficient: Deigned to glide water off the top, the dome shaped lid is great for repelling water and snow.

Protection: It is equipped with a lock that will prevent tampering or vandalism.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


When equipping your business’s exterior with waste receptacles, you want to be reassured it will last in the harshest weather conditions but is also aesthetically pleasing. With our 40 Gallon Outdoor Trash Container with Slatted Recycled Plastic Panels, you can be confident you’re getting the most bang for your buck on a long-lasting product. Its weather-resistant powder-coated steel frame and lid will ensure its longevity while maintaining its quality. We wanted to design an appealing exterior; thus, our trash container is comprised of recycled cedar or grey plastic slats that add a warm and natural aesthetic to its surroundings. Its authentic wood appearance makes it ideal for blending into walking trails, parks, recreational fields, and other wooded areas. Additionally, its solid dome lid allows for rain to glide off easily and not pool, decreasing the likelihood of corrosion. The included heavy-duty plastic interior bin will securely hold trash bags without the worry of leaks. Since your terrain isn’t always guaranteed to be perfectly flat, we have outfitted our trash container with adjustable legs. They will help certify stability and support on uneven surfaces. Thanks to our substantially sized 40-gallon Outdoor Trash Container, maintenance is greatly reduced. We understand that sometimes things happen, such as theft or vandalism; therefore, we’ve equipped each trash container with a lock and key to help protect your investment. Furthermore, affixed to the interior of the 40 Gallon Outdoor Trash Container with Slatted Recycled Plastic Panels are two chain-link security chains that prevent your lid from falling when opened. Its large stature makes it easy to be noticed by people passing by, but you won’t have to sacrifice a significant amount of space. It’s a no-brainer to outfit your facilities with our superior trash container with all these fantastic features.

Additional information


Cedar, Grey


Weight: 72.71 lbs.

Dimensions of The Opening: 5.51” H x 18.11” W

Dimensions: 40.91” H x 21.26” W x 21.26” D

Material: Powder Coated Steel and Polystyrene

Dimensions of The Slats: 37 cedar slats measuring 29.13” L by 1.97” W

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