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DISCONTINUED: Cotton Blend, Blue Loop End Mop Head

Features & Benefits

Launderability: Can either be hand washed or disposed of after use.
Versatile: Utilized by janitors, hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals.
Mop Head: The loop-end mop has greater durability for tougher messes.
Use: Ideal for commercial and industrial applications as well as larger spaces.
Safety: The color-coded mop heads help prevent cross-contamination in your facility.
Time-Saver: Reduces your cleaning time with its ample spread and won’t tangle in the process.

Recommended Alpine Mop Handles:

  • ALP444-1: 55″ Quick Change Fiberglass Mop Handle
  • ALP444-2: Yellow, 55″ Quick Change Metal Mop Handle
  • ALP444-3: 55” Jaw Fiberglass Mop Handle

Recommended Mop Bucket:

  • ALP462-1: Yellow, 36 Qt Mop Bucket with Down Press Wringer

Availability: Sold individually or in 12 packs.

Please Note:

This item is discontinued and has limited stock; hurry before it’s all gone.

MSRP $0.00

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to



When looking for a mop head, you want to be assured you are getting more bang for your buck. The Alpine Industries Blue Loop End Mop Head with Headband and Tailband’s are the product that checks off both quality and cost-efficiency. Their versatility allows for use in all industries, from hotels and hospitals to schools and restaurants. Our superior mop heads absorption capabilities and extended coverage will make cleaning more efficient. The Blue Loop End Mop Head with Headband and Tailband’s will not only improve your workflow but also save you time. Our loop-ended tailbands help prevent the strands from tangling, allow broader coverage, more debris and particle pickup, and last longer. They are also color-coded to help prevent cross-contamination between chemicals and other bio-hazardous materials. As a result, you will be able to allocate time to other tasks or maybe even clock out a little early. Whatever benefits our mop heads will bring, you can be assured you’re receiving a fair price along with a top-quality item. 

Additional information

Headband Size

1" Headband (Red), 5" Headband (Red), 1" Headband (Green), 5" Headband (Green), 1" Headband (Blue), 5" Headband (Blue)


16oz, 24oz, 32oz


Color: Blue

Material: Cotton Blend

Tailband: Polyester

Launderability: Hand wash only. 

Compatible Handles: Jaw and quick-change handles.


Recommended Floor Types:

Hardwood, Laminate, Rubber-Based, Smooth Concrete, Terrazzo, Pavers, Quarry Stone, Vinyl, Smooth Ceramic, and Anti-Slip Tile.

Sell Sheet

Sell Sheet

Compatibility Guide

Compatibility Guide

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