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Double sided whiteboard & flannel partition 45”x32”


The rOffice Double-Sided Whiteboard & Flannel Partition is a popular room divider in daycares and classrooms and even in the office, gyms, and homes. Easy to assemble, configurable, and mobile, this versatile partition can serve as a temporary wall, room divider, and a teaching tool all rolled into one.

Versatile panels: The double-sided panels – each measuring 29.25” wide and 42” high – make it perfect for any use. On one side is a dry-erase, magnetic whiteboard for illustrating lessons or discussion points, and on the other side is a flannel surface where you can attach materials for storytelling or whatever purpose using thumbtacks or push pins.

Completely configurable: You have total freedom over how you want this partition assembled. You can display all whiteboards on one side and the flannel to the other or alternate the whiteboards and flannel for more variety. Also, if you want a more colorful option, you can purchase it in three sets with different colors – blue, green, and red – and mix those panels to have three different colors at once! And you’re not limited to three panels either. You can connect as many panels to make this wall as long or as short as you want. This partition can be customized to your heart’s content, giving you more room for improvisation and creativity.

Perfect for kids: With a 50-inch height that’s eye-level with preschool children, this partition is effective in making an ideal workspace for individual or group learning and playing sessions. Customers love using it for helping kids practice writing, drawing, playing with cut out felt patterns and shapes, and more. Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a parent trying to entertain and educate your kids, this partition will make learning and playing more fun and effective.

Easy to transport: This partition comes with 6 caster wheels that roll smoothly on wood, tiles, concrete, and rugs. Customers love that they don’t scratch or mar the floors, and the wheels can be locked into place to ensure stability. After use, you can fold back the panels for easy storage. The collapsed partition measures 3-inch wide at the top and 15-inch wide at the bottom, compact enough to fit into tight spaces.

Built to last: Made with durable materials, this whiteboard and flannel partition is built to withstand regular use. The durable aluminum frame, long-lasting magnetic whiteboard, flannel fabric, and high-quality caster wheels ensure smooth and reliable use for years to come