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Industries Mop and Broom Holder

Features & Benefits

  • 5 flexible mounting slots to grip and hold handles in place
  • Easy to use – push handles into self-adjustable mounting slots for tidy storage and retrieval
  • 6 retractable hooks for hanging tools, dusters, etc.
  • Quick and easy mounting using 6 supplied screws and screw anchors
  • Neutral dark gray finish looks great in any cleaning supply storage location

MSRP $13.50


Looking for a better way to organize your brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools? Alpine Industries’ 16-inch wide wall-mounted mop and broom holder is the perfect solution to hold your tools securely within easy reach. Equipped with 5 slots is designed to grip handles that you simply push in to store and pull out to retrieve, and 6 retractable hooks for hanging items. Hanging design to keep items off the floor, prolonging the lifespan of your cleaning tools.

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15.62″ x 3.26″ x 2.48″



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