Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

Stainless Steel Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

Features & Benefits

Mountable: Provided with each purchase is all the necessary mounting hardware.

Modern: The brushed stainless steel finish blends in seamlessly in any location.

Compatible: Ideal for high-traffic restrooms in restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals, and more.

Maintaining Cleanliness: They will prevent clogged toilets and help keep your restroom floors tidy.

Durable: Our corrosion-resistant stainless steel guarantees its longevity so that you will have this receptacle for many years.

Discreet: Each napkin receptacle is designed with a tight sealing lid, preventing and containing unpleasant odors.

Space-Saving: The mountable wall design accommodates compact spaces, allowing you to serve your guests while not taking up precious space.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Are you tired of unclogging your toilets because women’s sanitary napkins or tampons have been continuously flushed, causing a backup? Do you have to pick up hygienic items from the floor often or see them in plain view in your open-top receptacles? Then you need to invest in our Stainless Steel Sanitary Napkin Receptacle. Our receptacles were designed with a tight sealing lid to keep these items concealed, and their unpleasant odors contained. With the included hardware, they can be mounted anywhere in your stall without taking up much room. It’s perfect for giving your patrons an option of properly disposing of their used tampons and sanitary napkins. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel guarantees the life of your Sanitary Napkin Receptacle makes it a breeze to clean, and blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. We highly recommend this product for high-traffic areas such as restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals, and arenas. It will be able to handle daily use without its integrity diminishing. You will save money and time no longer having to fix your plumbing or clean up the floors from unsightly messes. Our Stainless Steel Sanitary Napkin Receptacle will be a sound, affordable investment that will help you maintain the cleanliness of your bathrooms.

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Matte Black, Stainless Steel


Weight: 2.43 lbs.

Material: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 10” H x 7.56” W x 3.74” D

Color Options: Stainless Steel, Matte Black

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