Soap/Sanitizer Dispensers

Universal Dispenser Stand

Features & Benefits

Accommodating: Compatible with our 430 dispensers and most generic dispensers. 

Built-in: Drip tray that keeps your floors clear of possible slipping hazards. 

Coating: The smooth black finish allows it to blend into any environment, enabling it to service any industry. 

Material: Its corrosion-resistant metal material ensures the dispenser stand’s longevity.  

Maintenance: Our stand is amazingly easy to clean and keep sanitized without dimensioning its integrity.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


When you’re limited on where or how to mount your sanitizer dispensers, you must compromise and buy an entire dispenser stand set to ensure the dispenser fits the stand. With our Black, Universal Dispenser Stand, you can place your dispensers where it is most convenient without having to invest in more products. Our flawless black finish allows it to fit any aesthetic, making it versatile for whatever your needs are. Its built-in drip tray is ideal for preventing sanitizer from creating a possible slipping hazard on your floors. We’ve designed it with corrosion-resistant metal that will ensure a long lifespan and make it easy to keep sanitized. It can handle daily wear and tear without losing its luster. The best part is you won’t be restricted to only a few compatible dispensers. The Universal Dispenser Stand is compatible with the majority of our 800 to 1200ml dispensers and most generic sanitizer dispensers. When you receive our stand, you’re sure to be pleased with how painless the setup process is and its sturdy build. 


Weight: 8.44 lbs. 

Dimensions: 55.51” H x 14.96”  

Included: All necessary hardware is provided with each order for effortless installation. 


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