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  • Bipod Leg Clip

    MSRP $19.95

    Bipod Leg Clip

    Features & Benefits

    Leg Clip can be used to securely attach the bases of prisms or antenna poles.

    • Fits poles 1.25″ (32 mm) diameter
    • Thumb screw clasp
    • Two open clips
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    MSRP $19.95
  • Double Male Adapter

    MSRP $16.95

    Double Male Adapter

    Features & Benefits

    Double Male Adapter is a male to male adapter for tripods or prism pole connecting.

    • Male to male adapter.
    • Extend your poles and tripods securely.
    • Manufactured robustly.
    • Survey elevated areas.
    • 5/8 x 11” male stud on either end
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    MSRP $16.95
  • Leica Prism Pole Adapter SS

    MSRP $34.95

    Leica Prism Pole Adapter SS

    Features & Benefits

    Stainless Steel Prism Pole Adapter is an adapter that will allow you to connect.

    • Adapt prism poles and tribrach adapters to Leica Quick Connect prisms
    • Would not rust
    • Great for job sites near salt water
    • Connects to any 5/8 x 11” male mounting stud
    • Manufactured robustly from stainless steel
    • Weighs 0.16 lb. (0.07 kg)
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    MSRP $34.95
  • Sharp Point for Tripod/Prism Pole

    MSRP $7.95

    Sharp Point for Tripod/Prism Pole

    Features & Benefits

    The stability of a tripod when used with surveying equipment is an important factor.

    • Provides a solid grip on ground.
    • Manufactured with Hardened steel.
    • With a 3/8 x 11” male stud
    • Compatible with most tripods and prism poles.
    • Will last its monetary worth
    • Giving you the stability and firmness your equipment necessitate.
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    MSRP $7.95