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  • Interlocking Steel Barricade, Pack of 4


    Interlocking Steel Barricade, Pack of 4

    Features & Benefits

    Coverage: Each barricade measures a generous 5-foot length, with the possibility of up to a 20-foot span.

    Hardy: Its powder-coated finish is designed to resist weather and withstand prolonged outdoor exposure.

    Effortless Assembly: You can set up your barrier within minutes by simply connecting the feet and fastening them together.

    Stability: The equipped 19-inch bridge feet help maintain the barricade’s steadiness even in high-traffic environments.

    Convenient: The hook-and-loop fastening system creates a seamless connection between each barricade, forming a continuous barrier.

    Construction: Crafted from weatherproof, 16-gauge steel, these barricades provide a robust, long-lasting barrier suitable for various applications.

    Space-Saving: They are designed to be effortlessly dismantled and stacked in minutes.

    Robustness: The 1.25″ diameter outside structure and 7/8″ diameter vertical bars enhance the overall robustness of the barricades, making them highly reliable in various scenarios.

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