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  • 5 Drawer Blueprint File Cabinet’s

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    5 Drawer Blueprint File Cabinet’s

    Features & Benefits

    Availability: We offer our cabinets in three sizes: 24 x 36, 30 x 42, and 36 x 48.

    Durability: Its scratch-resistant, powder-coated surface can endure constant use for many years.

    Sturdy: The ball-bearing sliders are ideal for holding a large amount of paper while maintaining proper alignment.

    Protection: Affixed to the front and back of each drawer are depressors that guarantee your papers stay crisp and prevent curling. 

    User-Friendly: Located on the base of each drawer are holes that enable you to push your files up and grab them effortlessly.

    Storage: Heavy gauge steel base, accompanied with the optional rubber stripping, allows for easy stacking up to 4 cabinets. 

    Capabilities: For blueprints, schematics, and other paperwork, up to 500 sheets per unit, 750 sheets semi-active, or 1,000 sheets of inactive material. 

    MSRP $0.00