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  • Horizontal Diaper Changing Station

    Horizontal Diaper Changing Station


    Horizontal Diaper Changing Station

    Features & Benefits

    Adheres: Our horizontal changing station conforms to global safety standards.

    Safety: Each comes with a heavy-duty, reliable safety strap with a high-visibility slide lock.

    Cleanliness: The bed’s surface has an antimicrobial coating that reduces odor-causing bacteria.

    Outfitted: The changing station has a wide liner dispenser, which hold 100 easy-to-access liners.

    Design: Its concave bed will cradle your bundle of joy securely, without fear of them rolling off.

    Trustworthy: You can be assured that our sturdy changing station can hold the weight of your child.

    Convenient: With the dual side hooks, you can hang a diaper bag and purse, freeing up your hands.