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360° Prism


The rPro 360 Dgree prism is meant to work with any robotic total station. It’s precise and reliable. Its particular advantage with this prism is that it has 5/8″ a mounting thread on the top to attach remote control. The unit comes with a hard plastic cover which hides the mounting thread when it’s not in use.Made from top quality materials, the prism is durable in the most rugged conditions. It has a strong, rubber flanges to protect it. Protruding from the flanges are hexagonal points to assist as sighting points for the total station initial alignment.Both mounting threads (on top and on the bottom of the unit) have 5/8″ female mounting threads. The outside of the thread’s housing is designed to be able to connect to Quick Connect adapter.The unit comes with a carry case and a prism protector. The prism protector doubles as a cleaning cloth for the prism.