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Bamboo Wine Rack – 18 Bottle


rHome’s Elegant Stackable Wine Racks in Beautifully Finished Bamboo
The perfect solution to wine storage that grows with your collection. Wine enthusiasts know that properly positioning wine bottles during storage is a key element to maintaining quality. rHome’s stackable bamboo wine racks do just that with a slight downward slope of 750 ml bottles that keeps corks from drying out during storage. Use these beautifully finished, easily assembled 18-bottle bamboo racks individually or stack multiple 18-bottle units in the open or wherever you keep your collection. rHome’s beautiful bamboo stackable wine racks make great gifts for any special occasion.
Examples where customers place their elegant rHome bamboo wine racks
• Atop refrigerators or kitchen cabinets away from foot traffic
• On shelves and credenzas in family rooms and dens
• In “repurposed” old breakfronts, dressers and other quaint furniture
• Boldly in the open for friends to see
• Wherever they want to…….
In stock, ready for shipment. When ordering specify number of 18-bottle storage units you want.