Prisms and Prism Poles

Prisms and Prism Poles

Double Right Angle Prism
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Double Right Angle Prism

Features & Benefits

The Double Right Angle Prism comes with a leather case that can go on your belt.

  • 90° and 180° Stepping Off
  • Center Lens for Foresight Viewing
  • Slot in Handle for Plumb Bob Cord
  • Durable Metal Cover
  • Leather Case

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The AdirPro Double Right Angle Prism allows you to perform 90°, 180°, and perpendicular stepping off tasks when surveying or leveling. The pentagonal prism is revealed easily by rotating the protective metal sleeve, and foresight viewing is possible thanks to a center lens. You can also find plumb right from the AdirPro by hanging a bob cord from the convenient slot in the handle. The AdirPro Double Right angle prism comes with a leather case that can go on your belt and a 90-day warranty.

Type of Material Item is Constructed:
Steel Cover

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Weight .30 kg
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