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Safety Supplies

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  • Safety Data Sheet Station


    Safety Data Sheet Station

    Features & Benefits

    Visibility: Its striking color scheme and prominently displayed GHS hazard pictograms guarantee it’s identifiable and helps promotes a culture of safety and awareness.

    Equipped: The 250 MSDS stickers, each measuring 1.5 inches by 2.5 inches, allow ample space to document pertinent information and ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.

    Signage: The included SDS poster, which adheres to OSHA guidelines, serves as a comprehensive guide to aid workers in familiarizing themselves with the contents of an SDS.

    Accommodating: Our binder and backplate of the station have been designed to cater to a bilingual audience, making it an inclusive solution for all members of your organization.

    Straightforward: The station is designed to be easily installed, with minimal effort required, allowing immediate implementation and operation.

    Heavy-Duty: With the 3-ring SDS binder, you can fit up to 600 sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper without worrying about degrading, thanks to the stain and moisture-resistant material.

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  • Yellow Steel Safety Barrier, 2 Pack


    Yellow Steel Safety Barrier, 2 Pack

    Features & Benefits

    High-Visibility: Bollard with a yellow oil-based finish.

    Welded: Steel construction and oil-based finish protect against rust and oxidation.

    Assembly: Eight included anchor bolts that are simple to install and ensure stability.

    Security: Increased visibility, and protection for sidewalks, entrances, parking lots and more.

    Exceptional: At providing property protection, guiding, and directing traffic-sensitive areas.

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