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GPS Rover Rod 2m

Features & Benefits

GPS rover pole is designed for uncomplicated GPS work.

  • 5/8 x 11 mounting thread
  • 40-minute bubble vial
  • Vinyl hand grip
  • Replaceable steel point
  • Cable Slot
  • Fixed-height of 2 meters
  • Weighs 2.94 lb (1.33 kg)

MSRP $99.95

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov


AdirPro’s 2m, 2 section GPS rover pole is designed to not complicate all GPS work. The GPS rover rod has a total height of 2m (6.56’). It is made of 2 sections so that you can take it apart for a more convenient transport. It is assembled (and disassembled) with one screwing into the other. All you have to do is twist each section in opposite directions. It’s that simple! AdirPro supplies a soft carry bag along with the rover rod for your convenience. To that end, it comes with a vinyl hand grip for added friction and stability in holding the rod. The pole also sports a 40-minute bubble vial to help ensure accuracy. Included with this the steel tip has a rubber cover. This helps protect the point and keep it sharp, in addition to assisting in tightening and loosening the tip. The mounting thread at the top of the pole has a standard 5/8″” male thread. For both safety and convenience, the GPS rover pole has cable slots to secure cable while the rover is mounted on the pole. And as an added bonus, not only is the steel tip removable so that it can be replaced, the actual tip holder is removable too.

Type of Material Item is Constructed

This GPS rover rod is available in a choice of 3 colors.

751-10 – Red
751-11 – Yellow
751-13 – Fluorescent Yellow

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Weight 4.20 kg
Dimensions 5.25 × 5.75 × 46 cm


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