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Rotary Lasers

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HV8GL Green Beam Rotary Laser

Features & Benefits

The HV8GL is a variation of the HV8RL rotary laser.

  • Highly visible green beam
  • Up to 1,650-foot range with laser receiver
  • Self-leveling within ±5°
  • ±1/16 inch at 30 feet accuracy
  • 360° reference
  • 5/8″-11 tripod thread nut
  • IP55 dustproof and water resistant

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


The AdirPro HV8GL is a variation of the AdirPro HV8RL rotary laser. It comes with an accessory kit, all packed in a hard plastic protective case with foam padding to protect all the components. Included in the package is the actual HV8GL rotary laser, (4) rechargeable batteries, a battery charger, Alkaline battery pack, a wall mount for the laser, the AdirPro LDG-8 Laser Detector, (1) 9 V battery for the detector, a detector bracket, a remote control, (2) AAA batteries for the remote control, laser target, and laser glasses.

The HV8GL Rotary Laser

This horizontal/vertical rotary laser is ideal for interior and exterior installations, leveling, plumb reference, and both horizontal and vertical alignments.


The HV8GL laser is self-leveling, so long as it’s within 5 degrees of the leveling range. If the beam is set to higher than 0 RPM and the laser does not begin to rotate after a couple of minutes, readjust your unit to place it within that range. The laser can be set to spin clockwise or counterclockwise. The control panel gives you access to this function along with the power button, the ability to set the RPM, direction scan, and windy function. Additionally, you can choose to manually adjust the slope of either the X-axis or the Y-axis (or both, one at a time) by selecting the axis and using the up and down arrows to make the adjustment. You can also turn on the alert mode that will notify you if the unit was jolted. See the manual, pages 5-7 for more details.

Another handy feature is the 5/8” mounting thread nut at the bottom of the unit which allows you to secure your laser to most tripods.

This unit can be used with 4 dry/Alkaline C batteries or the rechargeable Ni-mh battery pack included. The battery compartment is opened by turning the knob around the mounting nut counterclockwise. The chargeable batteries can be charged with the charger included (FC100). It can be plugged in either from the control panel’s port or from the port inlayed in the rechargeable battery plate. This allows you to charge the batteries while the batteries are in the unit, or when the pack is removed (allowing you to use the unit even while it’s charging).

Please note: For vertical leveling, be sure to place the laser with the control panel facing upward. The protruding plastic on the opposite side will ensure that the laser will be within the 5° necessary for the instrument to level.

LDG-8 Laser Detector

The detector will pick up a spinning beam when it crosses the electronic sensor window. It has 3 function buttons: on/off, sound (with settings of off, low, and high), and sensitivity of range of detection. This detector will also alert you to improper placement. When the detector is too high, a slower beep will be emitted. When too low, a fast beep will be emitted. When it is leveled, a continuous pitch will sound – at this point the center of the detector is at the same alignment as the laser’s beam. To get the most accurate results use the built-in bubble to keep the detector leveled.

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