Line Lasers

Line Lasers

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LD-6 Line Laser Receiver

Features & Benefits

LD-6 laser detector is compatible with red line lasers in all lighting conditions.

  • For line lasers
  • Single display
  • Audible notification
  • Auto shut-off
  • Approx 40 hours of use
  • Built-in bubble level vial & bubble plumb vial
  • 1/4″ thread mounting nut
  • Includes rod clamp & carry strap

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The AdirPro ELP 106 laser is a cross line and a 5 point laser. This unit is self-leveling with an accuracy range of within 3°. The two, independent line beams and 5 dots are generated from 635nm laser diodes. The line beams have ±3mm accuracy at up to 10m. As for the dots, the up beam’s accuracy is ±5mm/10m, the down beam’s is ±1.5mm/10m, and the left, right and front are ±4mm/3m.

AdirPro’s LD-6 laser detector is compatible with red line lasers in all lighting conditions. This allows you to use it indoors or outdoors.


The AdirPro LD-6 detector is rugged with its hard plastic housing. It has a dual single display and 2 built-in bubble vials for convenience, one horizontal/level and one vertical/plumb. The audible indicator can be easily adjusted to your preference.

In addition to the on/off button, there is an automatic shut-off feature that will power down the device after about ten minutes being idle (so as to extend your batteries’ lifetime). With 1 new 9V battery you can get approximately 40 working hours.

The interface is user-friendly and smart in its simple design. The readouts are clear and accurate.


The LD-6 laser detector comes with a compatible rod mounting bracket and a carrying strap. The threading of both the screw on the bracket and the nut in the unit have ¼” threading. (1) 9 V batteries included.

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Plastic, Rubber Casing

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