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Paper Roll Dispenser (5 Roll)

Features & Benefits

Maneuverable: A sturdy, durably designed base with high-quality caster wheels allows for a smooth transition from space to space.

Safe: Our blades for cutting paper are not serrated, and the V-shaped blades directly interact with the paper roll.

Easy-Gliding: Equipped with 5, 2-inch locking caster wheels that allow effortless movement and locking stability when needed.

Capacity: It can hold five 36-inch paper rolls (1,000 sq. feet).

Accommodating: The compact, space-saving design fits easily into classrooms, storage rooms, and other tight spaces.

Conforming: It’s spring-loaded arms snuggly fit the blade against the roll and adjusts as the paper quantity lessens.

Replenishment: When it’s time to restock, take the paper roll rod out, remove the old paper roll, and insert a fresh roll, it’s that simple.

Multipurpose: You can utilize our dispenser for crafting paper, gift wrapping, and butcher paper.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Something as simple as paper is vital for the development of your children and your classroom, but it can be bulky and hard to allocate space. Our sturdy, easy gliding 5 Roll, Paper Roll Dispenser has solved this problem. Typically, it’s challenging to find a flat, long surface for one paper roll dispenser. But, with our vertical, five-roll dispenser, you get five times the paper roll capabilities, allowing for various colors, and it will not require a table. With a capacity of five 36-inch paper rolls, your home, classroom, or workspace will always be well stocked. This dispenser is specifically designed to diminish the amount of replenishment needed. Depending on usage rates, the paper can last you weeks, if not months. Additionally, you will no longer have to lift a heavy dispenser to make room for projects or supplies. With five two-inch locking caster wheels, caregivers and teachers can easily maneuver it wherever and whenever transporting it from classroom to classroom in a breeze. It’s a great problem solver for in-home use as you won’t have to dedicate a permanent space for it and can manipulate where it goes. If you own a gift shop or a food service facility, you can utilize our dispenser for gift wrapping and butcher paper to save space and streamline your wrapping process.


What makes our paper roll dispenser unique is how accommodating it is. It can be rolled and stored away if you have a small area and need the extra space or aren’t using the dispenser. The vertical design makes it straightforward to see when your inventory is running low. To help make installation less cumbersome, we’ve engineered our paper roll rod to be lightweight and compact so you can remove it, insert your paper roll, reinstall it, and be on your way. Of course, you must be prepared for worst-case scenarios with children or even adults, such as the fear of them getting cut on the sharp edge of a paper cutter. With that in mind, our blades for cutting your paper are not serrated, and the V-shaped blades do not jut out; instead, it makes direct contact with the paper roll. For ASMR lovers, enjoy the sound and feel of your paper, cleanly ripping from the non-serrated blade and delivering a perfectly straight line. Crafts and art-based activities help develop fine motor skills and are crucial in your children’s development. Having access to craft paper may seem mundane, but in actuality, it gives your child a canvas they can paint, draw on, adhere to, or use to construct something. Invest in our 5 Roll, Paper Roll Dispenser to improve your children’s development or streamline your working environment.



Material: Steel

Weight: 39.7 lbs.

Dimensions: 46.1” H x 31.5” D

Please Note: Paper rolls are not included with purchase.

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