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rPro 360° Sliding Mini Prism for Leica Robotic Total Stations- Comparable to GRZ101 Prism


If you need a faster way of doing things without breaking the bank, the rPro 360° Mini Prism for Leica may be what you need. Easy to use, highly accurate, and an affordable alternative to Leica GRZ101, this prism is a handy tool for an efficient workflow any day.Hassle-free accuracy: A 360° mini prism receives signals from all sides without you having to align it with the surveying instrument, boosting your speed in surveying. Because of the small size, this mini prism also gives a great pointing accuracy of 1.5mm. It’s also equipped with a round bubble level to ensure a proper position. These features ensure speed without sacrificing accuracy.Built to last: The rPro 360° Mini Prism for Leica is made of the best materials to ensure its durability. The prism itself is made of premium, precisely-ground corner cubes that are proven to last for years. The included two-section pole is made of high-quality aluminum that can withstand weather elements and daily wear and tear. 360? mini prisms present a new, more convenient way of surveying. With the rPro 360° Mini Prism for Leica, you can get all the benefits of a 360° mini prism without a hefty price tag.