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rPro Basic Mini Prism Leica “Style” GMP111-0 w/ 0mm Constant and Holder


The rPro Basic Mini Prism w/ 0mm is a convenient surveying tool for getting millimeter precision results. Made with premium materials, it’s guaranteed to give reliable service for years. Simple to use: This mini prism is designed for easy daily use. It has a 1/4” thread fitting so you can mount it on tripods and other stands, and its bubble level will ensure proper position before taking measurements. The included 4-section pole is easy to assemble and use with the mini prism, allowing you to get to work within seconds. For tight, hard-to-reach spaces: The Basic Mini Prism is compact and lightweight, making it easy to use in obstructed areas or hard to reach spaces like tight corners or close to a wall. After use, you can easily store it in the included soft bag. Built to last: Built to provide reliable service for many years, the rPro Basic Mini Prism w/ 0mm is made with durable, accurately ground glass. The prism is protected by a housing made of heavy-duty polymer that can withstand harsh weather elements.