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rPro Basic Round Mini Prism Leica “Style” GMP111 w/ 2 Prism Constants and Holder


Reduce errors and get millimeter precision results with the rPro Basic Mini Prism w/ 17.5mm Constant. This is a handy tool for surveying with total stations made of the highest quality materials and guaranteed to provide accurate results. Versatile and easy to use: This mini prism can be easily tilted in place and has a 1/4” thread so you can easily mount it on most tripods and stands. The 4-section pole-and-point is easy to assemble and attach to the prism. Further, you can ensure proper position by using the built-in bubble level. For hard-to-reach areas: Because of its compact size, you can easily use the Basic Mini Prism in hard-to-reach or obstructed areas and even place it close to a wall or a building. It’s also small enough to be quickly stored in the included soft bag and transported, making everyday work easier. Built with premium materials: Because the quality of prisms lies in the materials used, the rPro Basic Mini Prism is built with the highest quality and accurately ground glass to ensure accuracy. The housing is made of heavy-duty polymer built to withstand weather conditions and daily wear and tear.