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rPro Pocket 4X Stereoscope


The rPro Pocket Stereoscope is a compact and affordable tool for viewing two separate left-eye and right-eye images of the same scene as a single three-dimensional image. Built with premium materials, this stereoscope is guaranteed to provide reliable service for years to come.Versatile and easy to use: You can use this pocket stereoscope for map revisions, re-development, planning, and examination of aerial photographs. You can change the distance between the two lenses from 55mm to 75mm, and it can magnify images up to 4x.Compact and lightweight: The rPro Pocket Stereoscope weighs only 0.6 lbs and, when retracted, measures only 4.5” wide and 2.5” deep – extremely compact and easy to carry using the included carrying pouch. Durable, premium materials: The lenses of this stereoscope are made of premium, high-precision optical glass that provides clear, crisp magnified images. To ensure a long life, the frames are made of durable aluminum and the foldaway legs of stainless steel. Durable, easy to use, and compact, the rPro Pocket Stereoscope offers a convenient, hassle-free way of viewing 3D images for any purpose.