Prisms and Prism Poles

Prisms and Prism Poles

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Snap On Prism

Features & Benefits

This Compact Prism is made for you!

  • 0.7″ (18 mm) Prism Size
  • Compact Body (1.29″ w x 1.49″ h)
  • Only 1.08 Thick
  • Snap-On Feature
  • Designed for Corners, Narrow, Short Distance and Walls.
  • Durable Padded Case

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If you need a Compact Lightweight Prism for Civil Surveying and for narrow and short distance, or against a wall, this AdirPro compact prism is made for you! The compact prism 720-14 is fully compatible with total stations from Trimble, Sokkia, Topcon, Leica, Nikon, Pentax, and other leading manufacturers. This 77 oz (22 g) prism will tilt up and down 44 degree and it’s body is only 1.29″ wide and 1.49″ high (32.8 w x 38 mm). The thickness of the prism is only 1.08″ (27.6 mm) so it will fit even in the smallest places possible. This compact prism even takes it a step further with it’s snap on feature that enables you just to snap it on the prism pole. Or you can just screw it on the end of a 5/8″ prism pole. The silver coated prism size is only 0.7″(18 mm) with a 0 mm Constant and a 5″ Beam Deviation.

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