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Total Station Starter Kit

MSRP $745.00

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


The Total Station Starter Kit has everything you need in order to get started obtaining precise, accurate measurements with your new total station. The Total Station Starter Kit contains a 72 inch tripod, thumb release bipod, single tilt prism assembly, 8 foot prism pole, and a medium-sized prism carrying bag.

Set up your total station with the sturdy tripod, designed with solid maple legs and fiberglass dowels filled with inner core in order to give you years of trustworthy service. The polystyrene inner core eliminates swelling and shrinking of the tripod’s dowels, ensuring that your tripod remains level, thereby maintaining accurate measurements.

The tripod is also easy to place at your work site: the pointed shoes can be pushed through the toughest of ground surfaces, and the double-banded extension legs add extra stability.Use the clamp to attach your total station in just a few seconds; the large round head is precision tuned, and the wide mounting hole makes plummeting quick and easy.

Next, choose the best system for holding your prism pole and single tilt prism assembly. The bipod is the best choice for working on uneven surfaces or for those operating a total station alone. The bipod allows you to insert a prism pole from the top, simply by sliding the prism pole through the top-mounted head. The thumb release allows you to remove the prism pole instantly, without the hassle of a clamp or screw. A full 73 inches when open and 44 inches when closed, the bipod also features quick release telescoping aluminum legs, replaceable shoes with spurs for gripping uneven surfaces, and is made of robust materials that resist dinging and denting.

You can also choose to use only the Maxi-Lite Prism Pole, which weighs only 2.1 pounds and extends up to 8 feet long, allowing you to place your prism at elevated or awkward locations. Separated into two sections for easy transport, the poles are easily connected and secured with a twist-lock mechanism. The soft rubber clamp makes it easy to adjust the length by tightening or loosening the non-slipping clamping system, and the permanent tenths and metric gradations allow you to place the prism at exactly the right height every time. Use the precise circular leveling vial to ensure your prism is leveled properly, and then securely affix the pole in the ground with the replaceable steel point. You’ll be sure to get plenty of use out of this durable prism pole, which is crafted of high-grade lightweight aircraft aluminum, and is double the tensile strength of standard prism poles.

For smaller jobs use the Mini Stake-Out Prism/Pole System. The prism pole which is just under 4 feet in length, is separated into four anodized sections each of which is 0.51 inches in diameter. Next attach the mini stake-out prism, which boasts 0/-1.18 inches (30mm) offset, and is held by a tilting aluminum holder. Ensure your prism is correctly placed via the 30 minute circular vial is also shielded by the holder, and encased in metal housing, and the plumb bob with hardened replaceable steel points. Your Prism/Pole System has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

At the completion of your job, pack everything up with the included carrying bags. The Mini Stake-out Prism/Pole System features a padded carrying case with separate sections for the prism system, pole sections, and points. Pack the quick release bipod, the wood-fiberglass tripod, and the Prism Pole in the roomy, fully zippered padded carrying bag. The carrying bag is made of easy to clean Cordura, and the double padded construction absorbs shocks and protects your equipment by guarding against sudden jolts or blows, while the strong carrying straps make it easier to carry even over longer distances.

What’s Included: 

  • Wood/Fiberglass Tripod-
  • Universal Prism Assembly
  • Bipod
  • Prism Pole
  • Prism bag