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  • 9′ Aluminum Rod, 10th, 5 Section

    MSRP $44.95

    9′ Aluminum Rod, 10th, 5 Section

    Features & Benefits

    Easy-Grip: The rectangular shape allows it to be handled with ease.

    Dual-Sided: The backside scale is excellent for achieving overall height readings.

    Construction: It’s lightweight and durable material that won’t cause strain and will last for years.

    Extension: It’s five telescopic, dual-sided sections are secured by locking buttons that prevent them from slipping.

    Included: Convenient carrying case for transporting to job sites, a spare locking button, and a clip-on bubble level.

    MSRP $44.95
  • Carbon Fiber Thumb Release Bipod For Prism Poles


    Carbon Fiber Thumb Release Bipod For Prism Poles

    Features & Benefits

    Accommodating: It can hold up to 1.5″ diameter GPS antenna pole or prism pole.

    Included: With each prism pole is a handy carrying case that makes transportation effortless.

    Extendable: Its thumb release extension will enable you to increase the height of the legs from 45″ to 73″.

    Stabilizers: Each foot is adorned with hardened steel spikes and accompanying footpads delivering dependable balance on soft and uneven terrain.

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  • Heavy Gauge Welded Gabion Basket , 3 Cubic Feet, 3 pack

    Heavy Gauge Welded Gabion Basket, 9 Cubic Feet by 3 Cubic Feet


    Heavy Gauge Welded Gabion Basket, 9 Cubic Feet by 3 Cubic Feet

    Features & Benefits

    Accommodating: Can be broken down from 9 ft., to 6 ft., and then to 3 ft.

    Versatile: Depending on your resources, they can be filled by hand or machine.

    Connectable: Every 3 ft3 can be attached with the included spiral and stiffener rods.

    Mesh Grid: Formed by spot welding transverse and longitudinal wires at each intersection

    Unique: Unlike competitors, our connectors are straightforward and do not require hog rings.

    Installation: Not only are they straightforward to assemble but they can be loaded and stacked with ease

    Large-Capacity: Our baskets are 9 ft3 x 3 ft3, able to hold a considerable amount without losing structural shape

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  • Leica Style GRZ 30-Degree Prism


    Leica Style GRZ 30-Degree Prism

    Features & Benefits

    Working Range: 2,000 ft.

    Pointing Accuracy: 5 mm

    Prism Constant: + 28.1 mm

    Centering Accuracy: 2.0 mm

    Dimensions: 5.87” H x 2.37” Ø

    Connector: (Female) 5/8” x 11

    Prism Constant/Offset: 23.1 mm

    Compatible: Works with Total Stations

    Built-In: The outfitted point allows the prism to be positioned directly on a survey mark.

    Secure: There is rubber affixed to the top and bottom of the prism, to safeguard it from falls or being dropped.

    Included: To add an extra layer of protection, we’ve included a padded case for safe transportation as well as a cover that Velcro’s around the prism.

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  • Magnetic Clamp for MC-10 Receiver


    Magnetic Clamp for MC-10 Receiver

    Features & Benefits

    Compact: With a max height of 2.68 and weight of less than one pound, they are constructed to be effortless to transport.

    Application: Ideal for connecting to metal-based objects such as excavators, dozers, and other metal-based machinery.

    Design: Its heavy-duty alloy steel build can handle rough conditions while still helping produce accurate results.

  • MC-10 Machine Control Laser Receiver, Red


    MC-10 Machine Control Laser Receiver, Red

    Features & Benefits

    Weight: 68.34 lbs.

    Signal: 360o Reception

    Charge Time: 15 hours

    Operating Time: 40 hours

    Recognition: Large Detection Area

    Dimensions: 14.80”H x 7.09” W x 1.97” D

    Display: LED display for easy visibility in all light conditions.

    Durable: Built with aluminum housing and shock-mounted electronics.

    Accuracy: Two settings that allow you to work from rough grading to final finishing.

    Compact: Heavy-duty carrying case snuggly secures the machine control receiver set.

    Detector: Adapts to any earth-moving machine, so you need only one receiver for any job.

    Optional: Our Magnetic Clamp for the MC-10 Receiver are the ideal accessory to adhere to heavy machinery.

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  • Tripod with Telescopic Extension Pole for GPS Antenna


    Tripod with Telescopic Extension Pole for GPS Antenna

    Features & Benefits

    Height Extension: Extends from 56 inches to a max of 156 inches (13 feet).

    Sturdy: Each leg can be extended to your desired height and firmly locked into place.

    Collapsible: The central pole is locked into place with a reliable twist-lock mechanism.

    Suitable: It is designed for GPS and machine control applications with a max weight of 6.5 lbs.

    Built-in: It is equipped with a shoulder strap that allows you to transport it to job sites quickly and hands-free.

    Heavy-Duty: It is adorned with shoes that have footpads and steel spikes at the bottom for secure placement.

  • Yellow Steel Safety Barrier, 2 Pack


    Yellow Steel Safety Barrier, 2 Pack

    Features & Benefits

    High-Visibility: Bollard with a yellow oil-based finish.

    Welded: Steel construction and oil-based finish protect against rust and oxidation.

    Assembly: Eight included anchor bolts that are simple to install and ensure stability.

    Security: Increased visibility, and protection for sidewalks, entrances, parking lots and more.

    Exceptional: At providing property protection, guiding, and directing traffic-sensitive areas.

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