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  • AdirPro Dual Grade Laser


    AdirPro Dual Grade Laser

    Features & Benefits

    Secure: A metal cap offers maximum protection against accidental impacts and rough job site conditions.

    Accuracy: Digital gradient setting, with a range of -10% to +10%, allows for precise adjustments to deviation from the horizontal plane, ideal for sloping terrain.

    Dual Modes: The laser provides a choice between automatic or manual modes.

    Alarm System: The tilt function will alert you of deviations from the horizontal plane.

    User-Friendly: The wireless remote control, with a range of 328.08 ft., enables convenient and easy management of all functions.

    Durability: Robust waterproof housing with an IP65 rating makes this laser level suitable for harsh outdoor conditions.

    Precision: You’re guaranteed exact results with a level accuracy of ±15” (± 0.07” @ 98.42 ft) and slope accuracy of ±0.39” @ 32.80 ft.

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