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  • 100′ Fiberglass Tape Measure

    MSRP $49.00

    100′ Fiberglass Tape Measure

    Features & Benefits

    Hardy: Durable, shatter-proof yellow case built to last in demanding job site conditions.

    Safeguard: Four-arm frame design to protect tape and blade and prevent dirt and debris from getting trapped.

    Vibrant: High-visibility colored case makes it easy to locate on job sites.

    Precision: 1/2″ wide tape with clear, easy-to-read markings graduated on both sides for accuracy.

    Accuracy: The equipped metal hook on the end of the tape secures it in place while in use.

    Reinforce: Our newly improved transparent PVC blade is ideal for straightforward reading at a quick glance and fortifies the tape measure.

    Effortless: Its outfitted crank handle with rubber grip allows for fast reeling, making it efficient for job sites.

    Ergonomic: The lightweight body was created to prevent any worker strain from occurring during use.


    MSRP $49.00