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  • 157” Extra Tall Giant Fiberglass Elevating Tripod (Quick Clamp)


    157” Extra Tall Giant Fiberglass Elevating Tripod (Quick Clamp)

    Features & Benefits

    Crafted: Our tripods are made from premium-grade fiberglass that is built to withstand the most challenging job site conditions.

    Adaptable: Its adjustable height range of 62″ to 157″ feet and center column that elevates up to 4.1 feet offer unparalleled flexibility.

    Stability: Quick clamp locks provide a stable and secure platform for equipment, while pointed metal and flat rubber feet offer superior traction on any surface.

    Accommodating: Each tripod is outfitted with a detachable flat head with a 5/8-11 thread that allows for easy mounting of most surveying and construction instruments.

    Durable: It can support up to 66 pounds when collapsed and up to 15.4 pounds when fully elevated.

    Rugged: The weather-resistant construction ensures reliable service in all-weather circumstances.

    Accessory: Each tripod has a shoulder strap to make transportation seamless and straps to keep the legs securely closed.

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  • Tripod with Telescopic Extension Pole for GPS Antenna


    Tripod with Telescopic Extension Pole for GPS Antenna

    Features & Benefits

    Height Extension: Extends from 56 inches to a max of 156 inches (13 feet).

    Sturdy: Each leg can be extended to your desired height and firmly locked into place.

    Collapsible: The central pole is locked into place with a reliable twist-lock mechanism.

    Suitable: It is designed for GPS and machine control applications with a max weight of 6.5 lbs.

    Built-in: It is equipped with a shoulder strap that allows you to transport it to job sites quickly and hands-free.

    Heavy-Duty: It is adorned with shoes that have footpads and steel spikes at the bottom for secure placement.

    Resilient: Included brass screw provides superior corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for surveying equipment used in harsh outdoor environments.