Accessory Tools

Accessory Tools

6 Ft Aluminum Rod, 10ths, 4 Section, Collapsible to 2 ft

Features & Benefits

Effortless: Easy to handle and carry with the included carrying bag.

Compact: It easily collapses to a 2-foot height, ideal for storage and transportation.

Durability: The water and corrosion-resistant material ensure the longevity of your rod.

Uses: Designed to be utilized for building, planning, grading, and leveling with optical levels.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Used for construction or surveying, the 6 Ft, 4 Section Aluminum Rod is an effortless, lightweight, and durable tool that every surveyor or construction worker should have. Our rod is ideal for building, planning, grading, and leveling with optical levels. It can be easily handled and carried to various job sites with the included carrying bag’s help. The 6 ft. Aluminum Rod can be utilized for measuring, elevation, calculating the grade to set the slope, and more. It is constructed from aluminum and plastic, making it water and corrosion-resistant, which ensures its longevity. Conveniently it has four telescoping sections that extend to a max height of six feet, with a scale on the back. Located on the rod is a backside scale for the overall height reading, which is measured in 10ths. To make our Aluminum Rod’s more accessible and compact, they collapse to a max height of 2 feet. This makes it suitable for storage, transportation, and carrying because you won’t have to lug and store a 6 ft rod but, instead, a scaled-down version. Our stable and accurate locking buttons guarantee when it’s fully extended, it will hold in place. When you’re ready to go, simply depress each locking button. Our 6 ft, Collapsible Aluminum Rod, will be your new favorite accessory to bring to every job site for many years.




Max Height: 6 ft

Measurements: Tenths

Accessories: Bullseye Level

Materials: Aluminum and Plastic