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  • Leica Style GRZ 30-Degree Prism


    Leica Style GRZ 30-Degree Prism

    Features & Benefits

    Working Range: 2,000 ft.

    Pointing Accuracy: 5 mm

    Prism Constant: + 28.1 mm

    Centering Accuracy: 2.0 mm

    Dimensions: 5.87” H x 2.37” Ø

    Connector: (Female) 5/8” x 11

    Prism Constant/Offset: 23.1 mm

    Compatible: Works with Total Stations

    Built-In: The outfitted point allows the prism to be positioned directly on a survey mark.

    Secure: There is rubber affixed to the top and bottom of the prism, to safeguard it from falls or being dropped.

    Included: To add an extra layer of protection, we’ve included a padded case for safe transportation as well as a cover that Velcro’s around the prism.

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