Prisms and Prism Poles

Prisms and Prism Poles

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Leica Style GRZ 30-Degree Prism

Features & Benefits

Working Range: 2,000 ft.

Pointing Accuracy: 5 mm

Prism Constant: + 28.1 mm

Centering Accuracy: 2.0 mm

Dimensions: 5.87” H x 2.37” Ø

Connector: (Female) 5/8” x 11

Prism Constant/Offset: 23.1 mm

Compatible: Works with Total Stations

Built-In: The outfitted point allows the prism to be positioned directly on a survey mark.

Secure: There is rubber affixed to the top and bottom of the prism, to safeguard it from falls or being dropped.

Included: To add an extra layer of protection, we’ve included a padded case for safe transportation as well as a cover that Velcro’s around the prism.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


The Leica Style GRZ 360-Degree Prism is the ideal tool for all robotic-based work that is being utilized with a surveying pole. It is designed with six prisms joined together to allow the measuring beam to reflect its source from any position on the prism set. This also provides offset and accuracy readings from any side. The operating range is a substantial 2,00 feet with a pointing accuracy of 5 mm. Our prism can be positioned directly on a survey mark with the aid of the built-in point at the height of 78 mm. It attaches easily at the base and is held by a heavy-duty mounting stud. There is rubber affixed to the top and bottom, safeguarding it from falls or being dropped, ensuring the longevity of your prism. As a bonus, with each purchase, you get a padded carrying case and a protective covering for your prism to protect it when not in use. When you invest in our accessory, you can be confident it will provide accurate readings every time.