Machine Control Receiver

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  • Magnetic Mount for Machine Control Receiver


    Magnetic Mount for Machine Control Receiver

    Features & Benefits

    Hold: Your mount will be held securely by the strong magnets at both ends.

    Capabilities: Can mount to various types of machines and any metal-based object.

    Use: Ideal for grade checking, surveying, and various construction-based applications.

    Design: It’s slim design won’t take up much space in storage and is lightweight to carry on jobsites.

    Compatibility: Easily attaches your Topcon LS-B110, LS-B2, or your Spectra LR30, LR50, and LR60 receivers on various machines.

  • MC-10 Machine Control Laser Receiver, Red


    MC-10 Machine Control Laser Receiver, Red

    Features & Benefits

    Weight: 68.34 lbs.

    Signal: 360o Reception

    Charge Time: 15 hours

    Operating Time: 40 hours

    Recognition: Large Detection Area

    Dimensions: 14.80”H x 7.09” W x 1.97” D

    Display: LED display for easy visibility in all light conditions.

    Durable: Built with aluminum housing and shock-mounted electronics.

    Accuracy: Two settings that allow you to work from rough grading to final finishing.

    Compact: Heavy-duty carrying case snuggly secures the machine control receiver set.

    Detector: Adapts to any earth-moving machine, so you need only one receiver for any job.

    Optional: Our Magnetic Clamp for the MC-10 Receiver are the ideal accessory to adhere to heavy machinery.

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