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MC-10 Machine Control Laser Receiver, Red

Features & Benefits

Weight: 68.34 lbs.

Signal: 360o Reception

Charge Time: 15 hours

Operating Time: 40 hours

Recognition: Large Detection Area

Dimensions: 14.80”H x 7.09” W x 1.97” D

Display: LED display for easy visibility in all light conditions.

Durable: Built with aluminum housing and shock-mounted electronics.

Accuracy: Two settings that allow you to work from rough grading to final finishing.

Compact: Heavy-duty carrying case snuggly secures the machine control receiver set.

Detector: Adapts to any earth-moving machine, so you need only one receiver for any job.

Optional: Our Magnetic Clamp for the MC-10 Receiver are the ideal accessory to adhere to heavy machinery.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


The MC-10 Machine Control Laser Receiver is a durable tool utilized in construction. It adheres to dozers, excavators, and other machinery with the help of the accompanying metal clamps. The LT-360 receiver features a 360o reception with two grade accuracies from fine to coarse. Our set comes with the machine control receiver, built-in rechargeable battery charger, 12/24V Battery Cable, hard carrying case, cabin receiver with connection cable. The bright LED display provides easy visibility in all light conditions and is equipped with 2 upper red LEDs, a green LED, and 2 lower red LED’s indicating the direction to move the main receiver. The detector was designed to adapt to any earth-moving machine, so you need only one receiver for any job. Since this is a construction-based product, the receiver’s metal housing is waterproof and dustproof, ensuring your investment will last in rough conditions. The cabin and main receiver connect easily and can be observed conveniently by the display even if the receiver’s position is above the cabin. The receiver has a built-in 7.2V NIMH rechargeable battery pack with 40 hours of operating time. It indicates when it needs to be charged and has an automatic shutoff for conserving power. Purchasing the Adir Pro Machine Control Receiver Set MC-10 will be a worthwhile investment that your employees will trust and love.



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