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Surveying Supplies

Magnetic Clamp for MC-10 Receiver

Features & Benefits

Compact: With a max height of 2.68 and weight of less than one pound, they are constructed to be effortless to transport.

Application: Ideal for connecting to metal-based objects such as excavators, dozers, and other metal-based machinery.

Design: Its heavy-duty alloy steel build can handle rough conditions while still helping produce accurate results.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


The Magnetic Clamp for MC-10 Receiver is a perfect accessory for surveying or construction. It will allow you to connect our MC-10 Machine Control Laser Receiver to dozers, excavators, and other metal-based machinery. You and your workers can be confident that the magnet will securely hold your MC-10 Receiver in place to help produce accurate results. In addition, the lightweight body and height of 2.6 inches will guarantee stress-free transportation to job sites. This is an excellent alternative to the clamps that are included with each MC-10 Receiver.


Weight: .93 lbs.

Dimensions: 2.68” H x 3.11” φ

Material: Alloy Steel and Alu Alloy

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  • MC-10 Machine Control Laser Receiver, Red


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    Weight: 68.34 lbs.

    Signal: 360o Reception

    Charge Time: 15 hours

    Operating Time: 40 hours

    Recognition: Large Detection Area

    Dimensions: 14.80”H x 7.09” W x 1.97” D

    Display: LED display for easy visibility in all light conditions.

    Durable: Built with aluminum housing and shock-mounted electronics.

    Accuracy: Two settings that allow you to work from rough grading to final finishing.

    Compact: Heavy-duty carrying case snuggly secures the machine control receiver set.

    Detector: Adapts to any earth-moving machine, so you need only one receiver for any job.

    Optional: Our Magnetic Clamp for the MC-10 Receiver are the ideal accessory to adhere to heavy machinery.

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